Coaching Courses

To give you an overview of our coaching offerings below is a list of courses that we deliver.

Introduction to Coaching – 1 Day programme to introduce coaching

The GROW Model: performance coaching

The GROW model of coaching by John Whitemore “coaching for performance 1992” is frequently used to provide a simplistic framework for helping people to clarify personal or business goals and explore options and act on them. The model is helpful with setting goals and working towards them.

G – goal setting

R – reality checking

O – options

W – what has to be done, when, by whom and will to follow through

Individual coaching profile – half day (management level)

You are encouraged to look further than the simple understanding of coaching and lean towards understanding behaviour patterns. We first have to understand our own patterns and so stage one provides individual profiling following by one to one coaching session.

Coaching for results – 2 Day programme (management & supervisory level)

Provides the tools and techniques to discover HOW a top performer in any field does what they do and then show YOU the most effective way to apply them. It uncovers the unconscious mental processes and associated thoughts, images, words and feelings that make up performance. Once uncovered in this way, the solutions are chosen for someone to achieve their potential and goals. This programme allows you to determine what coaching level is needed for your staff.

You understand the motivation, the sense of purpose for your goals to be achieved. Now you are ready to progress into the world of coaching for results and will attend a 2 day course on management coaching and mentoring.

You understand what work you have to do, you now have the skills to coach teams to release their potential. You have the choice to apply for one of our ILM Coaching qualifications to become a qualified coach.

Team coaching – 1 day programme

Team coaching programme helps to establish role clarity, objective setting, decision making following organisational change.

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