About Us

Welcome to Think Sapphire Consultancy, a professional consultancy service in Organisational Change, Training and Skills development.
We specialise in providing a unique blend consultancy, training and coaching solutions proven to improve organisational performance.

Designed for you

We consult with all clients' to determine and inform the design requirements to ensure the content, methods and practical tools reflect your actual business needs. Through our experience and success our initial step is to arrange a complimentary business review to establish what's really needed.

Our relationship with you

We provide professional advice that you can trust and that is proven. We aim to build and maintain excellent relationships with our clients' and work in collaboration to determine what you need, how you need it delivered and positioned, and when is the most convenient time.

Our previous experience

We have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience gained across multiple sectors at various levels. We have a high calibre of consultants who specialise in core offerings to ensure our clients' receive the highest level of service, quality and value for money. Strength of character is massively important in our provision of services.

Our focus on your business needs

We focus on your business needs which sets us apart from the rest, we can deliver off the shelf solutions that tick boxes if required, however if you really want training that delivers performance results we are the company for you……..we consult, develop, design, inform, facilitate, advise, communicate, challenge and deliver new innovative training and development services.

So why are we different?

Our methods and techniques are proven and our performance improvement solutions are tailored to meet your business needs. 'Think' represents everything we are about, using our wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to 'Think' out the box and create training solutions that are high in challenge and meet business needs.

Like what you hear, contact us now for a free business review.